Y'know, when I was a teenager, 'grounded' was something that happened to you when you were out too late with undesirable friends and your parents caught you sneaking in through your bedroom window.

[Not that I ever did any of that sort of thing myself, you understand. I was such a good girl - right, Dad?]

Now that I'm in my fourth decade and living in a town stuffed with massage therapists and yoga teachers, 'grounded' has a more positive meaning. The average person on the street in Port Townsend could identify their root chakra, and the best color for balancing it. 'Grounded' is a positive thing when you're a forty-something in the post-hippie era. And although the current financial situation -- which my friend Clara calls "the economic sh*tstorm" -- has a lot of people feeling the opposite of grounded, I'm finding myself with even just a little more 'ground' than I'm used to:

Yep, those closet walls are floating in space. And what looks like a natty beige carpet? Is SAND.

(The industrial trash can says 'home' to me - don'tcha think?)

There's nothing like coming home from a cross-country plane flight (once again, the opposite of grounded) to find your workspace taken, well, back to basics?

But never fear, the team of Handsome Fellas in Carhartts are here to put things back together much, much better than they used to was!

Vapor barrier, joists – next step insulation and plywood.
Nothing like having a couple handsome and handy fellas around the place.
Makes a girl feel quite grounded.

Now, can someone tell me where all my files are? I need to find an old invoice...