get outta dodge

When your office at home looks like this*:

It's nice to get outta dodge and work in a place like this:

And what does a gal take to work on when she's out for a week to be surrounded by yarn and other knitters?
Fingering weight black.

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, in ... black.**
Needles: US 2 / 2.75 mm Addi Turbo Lace (lovelovelove them needles!), 24" circular.
Pattern: working up the prototype for a new Unpattern! Top-Down with Set-In Sleeves.

That's one flight and an evening over drinks and pizza worth of knitting, folks.

I've finished the back down to the armholes - that's the back neck at the center of the shot. The back is now on hold as I knit on the fronts. I'm just starting to work on the right front (with a V neck opening) in the small bit at the upper right.

Sister-in-law Diana (mooseknits, a.k.a. alce on Ravelry) does her sleeves at the same time as the body. I'm not opting to do that for this Unpattern, largely for ease of explanation and ease of fiddling with the sleeve cap after the fact. Though I must say that working up this piece gives me new understanding of how you do it, D!

Fun, mindless knitting for the trip - tho I must say the fingering-weight blackness is not the most well-suited to late-night bar knitting. Oh well; I have some baby blue Isager Alpaca 2 for that. (Snap tomorrow.)

* Actually, the photo of the studio was from day one of the packing extravaganza. It's now empty, ready for the Angels in Carhartts to rip out everything, including the joists, and lay down a whole new floor.

** No, I haven't lost my mind: I need a black V-neck pullover, and I'm still very much taking Sally Melville's advice to heart that we knitters need to wear what we knit and knit what we wear. So here goes!