load 'em up! move 'em out!

Here they are again; the two bags I take to Stitches each time I go teach.
Thank goodness they're both under 62 cumulative inches, because that's what Delta's allowing me…
But please oh please don't get me started about the fact that I need to pay $40 each way to get them there.


And while I'm normally happy as a clam to organize and re-organize my stuff (especially knitting stuff!), I dread packing for teaching events. My every paranoid thought pattern ramps up to sprinting speed, and suddenly I'm overpacking and over the weight limit and more luggage fees and and and...


At least this time I have extra motivation to pack well…
Because while I'm gone next week, Boy's going to rip the floor out of my studio.

No, that's not a typo.
The thing what holds everything up.

You see, we've got these bugs in the floor that are eating the wood from underneath, and pretty soon I'd be sitting with my keester in the dirt, and the new cashmere would never stand for that.

So while I'm gone the little elves in Carhartts will work their magic, and the poorsad douglas fir floor which I painted over with deck paint in a fury a few years ago will be replaced with bright, shiny bamboo. Just like that! While I sip margaritas by the hotel pool in Smyrna, GA!

Yeah, I just lost your sympathy there.