aren't downloads always top-down?

News Flash:

Unpattern Top-Down is now available as a bright, shiny downloadable .pdf over at Patternfish.

Tell Prime Minister Julia I sent ya.

They do good stuff over there, and it's a privilege to be associated with them.

The fine print:
• Yes, it's *that* Top-Down Unpattern – but in a manageable chunk this time. It's the raglan sleeve top-down, but pullovers only for now. (Cardigans to come as a separate Unpattern very soon: I felt they each deserved their own space, much like siblings who've shared a room until they are 12. It's time.)

• The Unpattern is only available via download on Patternfish, but that means it's available to anyone on the planet with a Patternfish account and a Paypal account. So you patient knitters in Germany and the UK? It's heeeere!

• You'll notice that the Patternfish version is $10 – but that's because it INCLUDES the design notesheets on 'Girlie Shaping' and 'Purl Darts.' Julia counseled me to bundle them together, which I thought a damn fine ida. The result is (gasp) 19 pages long. 53 cents a page – what a bargain!

Like every proud parent, I'm thrilled to see it out there walking in the world.