three new things

... that make my heart go pitta-pat.

  1. Evernote: a piece of software with matching web functionality that lets you clip screen images, grab .pdfs, .jpgs and .docs, and archive them for reference later. I'm seeing people use them to snap photos of wine labels in restaurants and upload them to an Evernote folder so they can remember them later. But really, it's for anything (ANYTHING!) you want to make a note of and remember. (That's why their icon is an elephant – get it? get it?

    Geek that I am, I immediately started using it for the two things foremost in my mind today: our upcoming trip to Europe, and (what else?) knitting.

    The Travel folder has .pdfs of downloaded walking maps around Bath; a screenshot of the directions to our hotel in Bath; directions to our hotel in London; the website with contact info. for our rental apartment in Germany, etc. etc.

    The Knitting folder has .pdfs of the sock patterns I've downloaded from Ravelry, and I'll archive in there some other .pdf'd patterns I've purchased (like the Somewhat Cowl, which I might find yarn for overseas – you never know!).

    Geek heaven, I tell ya. Check it out. There's a free version, with a little bit of storage, and capability for storing .pdfs, .jpgs, and I think screen shots only (no .docs). But the paid version is $45/year if you pre-pay for the year. I can see myself getting WAAAY more than $45 worth of fun outta this one, so I'm on board.

    Interestingly enough, one of the most practical uses for me is pattern writing: I don't always like to un-dock my big-dog laptop to pull it into the living room to write, but I do a lot of my knitting and pattern writing on the sofa in there. So far, I've been scribbling down notes on paper (how 19th century!), or taking notes on the little laptop we have in there (remember the Great Laptop Meltdown of 2007? the little iBook I used for months is now our travel/accessory computer. Yeah, I know. Nice work if you can get it, eh?). But transferring files back and forth on a flash drive, and cutting and pasting into my main pattern file got to feel a little awkward, hard as that is to believe. Now, I can start writing patterns in Evernote on the other computer; Evernote syncs itself automatically every so often, and I have the note itself on the hard drive on my big dog. If I'm writing patterns in Evernote, there's no need for me to cut and paste, and then when I'm done writing the draft that way, I can dump the whole thing into InDesign and format the pattern! Too fab.
  2. ColourMart. Knitters, you have been warned. Scroll on and look away, if you value your pocketbook. But (psst!): Cashmere. Mongolian Cashmere, spun in (wait for it) Scotland and Italy. I read the words "Loro Piana yarn" and I just about lost my mind.
    Registered, prowled, shelled out... and now I have two pullovers' worth of glorious lace-weight/fingering-weight cashmere winging my way from the UK.
    Here are my new babies:

    Left: 3/28NM Cashmere Heavy Lace weight, which I plan to turn into a 2-ply ON MY WHEEL because I WILL KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!
    Right: 6/28NM Cashmere Fingering weight.
    Apparently, the reign of grey continues.
  3. Last, but certainly not least: Falafel Chips. (It's not every day I get to eat a food with its own website.)

    Why, oh why, did I not try these before? They claim there are 13 different vegetables crammed into these babies; just enough of an aroma of virtue to make me want to hug them before I eat them. Potato chips? Feh. Bring on the Falafel, baby!