nakniswemodo #4: Gatsby

So, Himself and I are standing in one of Portland's great yarn stores a few weeks ago. Having had the realization the day before, in our motel on the Oregon Coast, that I hadn't set foot inside a yarn store for our whole trip, he had the great good patience and kindness to delay our last leg home so I could fondle some skeins in a strange town.

I'm noticing stuff I haven't seen before (ooh - Isager Alpaca!), and picking up and putting down fibers around the shop, when Boy says: "That's a pretty sweater." ... "That would look really nice on you."

KnitSibs, I ask you -- was I supposed to resist?

I did refrain from diving and and getting all the yarn and all the stuff right there and then, though. I got myself a pattern, and decided that *if* I was a very good girl and finished two projects, I could start this one next. (That's a Kit suggestion which I love very much and try to apply whenever possible.)

So here comes Gatsby: my NaKniSweMoDo #4, just in time for April showers and all.

The pattern photo (and model sweater in the shop) are done in ivory: the top of the garment in double-stranded fine mohair and silk, and the bottom done in Shibui's merino Sock.

Further conversations with Himself revealed that he "could imagine it in a nice soft green. Kind of seafoam."

Note: I did NOT make it green. That was his idea. I don't have an addiction to green. Really. I don't. [Actually, it was just astonishing that I didn't have the right yarns in the right gauge in green in my stash!]

Fast-forward a week or so. I've made nice progress on those two projects (finishing up the Sally vest, and getting to the finishing on the Big Gray Blob for Tina), and we have a reason to head down to the shop. While I'm scurrying around, pinning class samples up on the bulletin boards and generally taking care of business, I put him onto Gatsby detail. Here are the fluffy yarns and here are the sock yarns - do any match? Are any of them a good seafoam shade?

Half an hour later, we've come up with some interesting combinations, but nothing in the right green department. That is, until Laura A. pulls this Koigu out of the bin (and proceeds to magically keep pulling more out until we have the 6 skeins I'll need):

Next problem: the green Kidsilk Haze is more Kermit than soft, marine foaminess,

Laura A. to the rescue again! Little cleverclogs suggested toning down the Kermitty green with an eggshell-oystery off-white by using one strand of each:

Not immediately obvious in the skeins, sure, but worked up? It's a thing to behold.

... and fun to work with, clearly, as evidenced by my progress since Monday!

[Okay, the cold that kept me on the couch for much of yesterday and today sure is helping, too.]


It's such fun to be working on a springy green fluffy sprightly thing like this as the buds are popping outside. A little optimistic greenness after a tough winter.