big gray

Tina (yes, that Tina) sent me the linky love today...

I've been knitting on something for the past few weeks, something we've been cooking up together, one (which is why it remains unbloggable). Trust me, though. It's-a-gonna be COOL.

In the blog entries I write in my head all day long (but don't often get down in time to post), I've been referring to it as "The Big Gray Blob." Which of course doesn't do the garment justice at all, because it's the most neatly architectural thing I've done to date, I think.

But here's what I can show ya, since Tina's posted the same photo over at her blog:

Mmm. Gray.
I've been obsessed lately. Unashamedly. I think it started with Dr. K's birthday cardigan (Ravelry link), and has just rolled on from there.