in which I run out of morning

Back home - phew!
I think I remember how to find my own bedroom again.

It's March now, right?

Yeah, and while we're talking about Marchness, I have a bone to pick with Mister Ex-President. (No, in truth I have more bones to pick with 43 than you could pack into a U-Haul full of skeletons headed to an anatomy conference, but I digress.)

The earlier Daylight Savings Time that was the sum-total of your domestic energy policy? It's screwing with my days, man.
(W: "I know: let's make the days longer in March instead of April! That way, people won't have to keep their lights on as long in the evenings. That outta cut our dependence on foreign oil enough to let them just buy mine from Texas!")

For the record, a Girl's working on a new personal-maintenance plan that will let us head on our trip to Cornwall 10 pounds lighter. (The fact that we don't get those 10 lbs. back as a luggage weight credit is just another sign that life is unfair sometimes.)

So today? Today's gone like this:
5 am: wake up just enough to take a bathroom break; think about trying to get up, but succumb to the fleecy sheets on the bed again, "for just a little while."
7 am: ("SEVEN? SEVEN a.m.?" -- that's colossaly late for us.) Coffee in bed, pets for the dog, a few rows of knitting for me.

Inhale, get ready, weigh in, put on jeans and…
Eat oatmeal Walk the dog Change into workout gear Ride exercise bike for 45 virtuous minutes Check e-mail Check Ravelry ("ooh! There's a forum thread in KnittyHeads for people knitting "Imagine!" Cool!) Subscribe to thread on Ravelry via Bloglines (didn't even know you could *do* that!) Shower Change back into day clothes Turn around and …

*@^$%@$!$. It's ELEVEN FIFTEEN.

President Obama? I want my morning back.