Stitches Saturday: more fun than a pack of weasels

Lest I fall behind in my goal of posting a little from each day at Stitches, some highlights from yesterday:

• being able to lord it over my roommate that I didn't have to teach in the morning. (That was fun.)

• actually enjoying working on the book!

• the brilliant knitter in my Linen Stitch class who suggested a neat way to try binding off for Linen Stitch… which had never occurred to me. (We passed around her swatch, which sported a regular-old-bind-off but with two strands held together. We had been working 2 rows each of 2 colors, and I think it could work for linen stitch in many fibers and many contexts. Can't wait to try!

• Fiona Ellis (yes, the Fiona Ellis) telling me that she forgets I'm not Canadian.

I'll relish that one for years.

Must dash – one more class to teach! "Sweaters that Fit," anyone?