Stitches Friday: a day of firsts

I had a full house for "My First Fair Isle" all day yesterday here at Stitches West, and what a day it was. Y'know, the only thing better than spending a day making a Fair-Isle hat is making … well, making 25 people make 25 hats. Look, Ma: two hands!

(What's funny is, these two were sitting next to each other. Normally I say that people choose the same colors to knit with as what they're wearing … here, it was a case of choosing to a neighbor with the same color sense!)

Loved the sassy greens in this next one… you should have seen the contrasting colors she had at her table! Spring, personified.

Greens on brown. Mmmm.

Don't miss the shot of brilliant blue in this one. Gorgeous!

I wish my camera had been able to really get the colors of this one true without a flash: the brown was not quite so red, and the light lavendery-blue for the 'pop' color was just fantastic.

GypsyKnitter was super-happy, and made sure I got a shot of hers. What great progress you made yesterday – and what fun colors! (Hurry up and friend me on Ravelry, toots!)


What a fun day. It's amazing to me that I can work these gals so hard, and throw so much information at them (color! floats! steeks! charts!), and they leave happy and bouncy and rarin' for more.

Hope I see some Fair-Isle hats on the Market floor or outside the hotel, ladies. Have fun with it! and good work.

Oh, and to top off the day …  I got a prezzy! Susanna, our lady of Bohus, scored these great ear-lights for us from Full Thread Ahead's booth down at the market:

This means I can knit in the oncoming dark as we make our way home next week! Thanks, Missy!