En Route to Stitches, Day Two





Gosh, it's pretty over here.

We live on the water, right near the water – and interact with it in some way nearly every day, even if it's just to overlook the Sound on the morning's dog walk. And yet… there's something about the Mighty Pacific.

Having it booming right there.
Spent the night in Fort Bragg, had dinner and then breakfast with friends … and then tore ourselves away in order to hurtle ourselves down the highway the last 120 miles to the BaYarea.

Yup, we must be here: the redwoods have been replaced by palm trees!

And the Knit-O-Wagon™ faithfully disgorged its contents (the bellman had to get the bigger cart, can you imagine?) – which are now exploded all over the room, as usual.

More fun with knitters. Wherever you are, my lovelies, enjoy your knitting today. I know I will.