En Route to Stitches, Day One

Well, my long-suffering readers, here is my first attempt to keep you all up-to-date on a daily basis during our road trip down to CA for Stitches West.

You saw, from the last entry, the physics problem we were faced with: how to fit entirely that much clobber into our Stitches jalopy? Not a problem with the Knit-O-Wagon™!:

Plenty o' room!

Even for a guitar and six knitting projects, and teaching supplies, and … picnic supplies, too!

We had time for an oh-so-brief swing through Portland to press the flesh with Madam and her other half (and to admire her new Electra Cruiser with ExtraCycle attachment – so urbane, so very functional and cool, complete with balloon tires and a padded second seat for a passenger). ...

And cruised by the Portland Convention center, waving sock needles out the window, to try to prepare the site for this summer's big event (they don't know what's gonna hit them, I swear).

So for a fashionably late lunch, we stopped at a rest stop south of Portland for a good-old-fashioned picnic:

Fully restored and plied with calories, we hit the road again. Three hundred miles in which to be entertained by such questions as: "What the hell is that?"

A whale?
No, just something the size of a whale: a wind-turbine blade!

... the size of a humpback, I swear.

And what's that?

Off in the distance? Can't tell the breed from here, but surely that's:

Yarn on the hoof!
(A few dozen miles before this, there had been lambs. Lammikins. Too cute for words. And, clearly, too cute for me to get my camera out in time.)

 And then we landed in Jacksonville, Oregon. Complete with its own Historic District, like our own in Port Townsend. We're staying here, but we don't want to tell all of you about it, for fear it will be overrun immediately and they won't have room for us next time. Likewise the place we ate dinner, (locally), for fear y'all will get to Jimmy after us, and soon he won't remember our names. Or remember that he promised us dibs on those tickets to see Tower of Power on Saturday night the 7th of March on our way back up, in case his friend don't show up.