February Lady Knits

(Today's title is a nod to those knitters out there planning on knitting a "February Lady Sweater" this month. That's not going to be me, though!)

It's the first of February: time to decide what to knit for NaKniSweMoDo #2!
I have a lot of projects left on the big bulletin board, and just one constraint: it can't be something I need to write my own pattern for. I've got 3 conferences this month, and 3 designs I'm trying to write up for the business, so it needs to be something fairly mindless.

So mindless, in fact, that I'm not even up for deciding for myself! How's about we put it to a vote? Gentle Knitters, what say you?

The first candidate for February:

Pattern: "Somewhat Cowl" by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic
Yarn options: (from left to right in the bin)

  • Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in cream;
  • a 100% silk from Italy in light light green;
  • Rowan "Calmer" in light blue;
  • Naturally "Stella" (bamboo) in lipstick red-pink (!);
  • Sandy Soreng's handspun blue merino 2-ply from a Fort Worden Knitting retreat purchase a few years ago;
  • Zukii Designs purple mercerized cotton thin tape (purchased with MooseKnits last summer on our BaYarea yarn crawl);

and laying on top of the others,

  • Sirdar "Baby Bamboo" in a creamy beige (my front-runner for this go-around); and
  • Alchemy Silk in a SCREAMING lettuce green (purchased at Lettuce Knits on the Vogue Knitting tour last fall).

Phew! [If you are leaning towards this one, let me know your yarn preference, too.]


 And our second candidate:

Pattern: Tahoe by Kirsten Kapur, from Knitty Spring 07
Yarn: (just one choice for this one outta the stash)
Zitron "Cardiff" (photo is pretty true to color)
and a little accent on the trim with
Koigu KPPPM, colorway P506

A very rich combinaton of yarn colors here, I think.

The Cardiff is from another yarn crawl with a friend: BlueGal and I did a tour de yarn along the Hood Canal a million years ago after we first met, and when her (then only one!) child was small … this one came from a sale at Linda's Knit 'n' Stitch in Silverdale.

The Koigu might have come from a stash dive courtesy of Linda K. of the Seattle Knitters' Guild.

Knitters, what say you? Cardi or Cowl? Chicago rules apply: vote early, vote often.
I'll be over here in the corner, swatching.