new year, new decade, same ol' knitter

Hiya, Troops!

Life proceeding on behind the scenes here at casa akabini — change of venue to Northern California for the holidays. (And a convenient prolonged stop-over on our way to Long Beach for TNNA next week.)

But now, suddenly, it's December 31st, and Das Internetz is full of reflections on the past year. Clara over at Knitter's Review has done a nice write-up of 2009: my goodness, did we get a lot done this year! Sock Summit, Ravelry pattern sales topping US $1M ... Astonishing.

The two things I'm proudest of this year:
a) Actually having fun running a marathon. I trained solo this year (Nurse K being out of commission for part of the season), which took a lot of dedication. And then I really focused on running my own race in Chicago, and had a blast. (It helps when the course is flat. It helps a lot.)

b) Knuckling down and dedicating my work time, full-time, to the Unpatterns. I've been hell-on-fire since early September to get this trade show thing done, and by the time I go live on the show floor next week, I'll have 6 new samples, 6 re-vamped patterns, a brand-spankin' new website, and downloadable .pdfs on their way to Patternfish! I really grew up as a company this year, thanks to a lot of good advice and role-modeling from my colleagues, whom I now get to join at TNNA. Can't wait to hang out with all of you and share the stories from the trenches.

I may also be growing up a bit, now that I'm in my forties: Dr. K and I were just discussing 'big project' people and 'quick challenge' people … No surprise which category I fall into. Give me an idea, and I'll turn it into a dissertation, or a product line, or a magnum opus with full marketing plan.

So I'm catching myself this morning wanting to post a full list of twelve sweaters for my NaKniSweMoDo'10 projects … and stopping. Not that I don't have a Ravelry queue as long as a donkey's ear, but I'm just getting wise to my tendency to overbook things. I got smart with the TNNA booth and decided to do a soft launch of just the 6 Pullover Unpatterns, postponing the Cardigan release until the June show. Likewise, I'll have sweaters in the back of my mind to work on this year, but I'll consider the 6 Unpattern Cardis as half of those 12, with another 6 or more to round out the year.

And the Olympic Challenge? (It's coming up! Can you feel it?) No new sweaters for me—despite all your great votes, I've decided to get even more grown-up and tackle the UFOs. There are some very worthy projects in there that have just stalled out, and they deserve to get off the needles. So we're-a-gonna hit them hard in February. Finish one, and I get a bronze medal. Two for silver, three for gold.

Here they are, in all their delayed glory:



And there's a lovely Linen-Stitch Laceweight Stole that may take me until the End of Time, but it's worth a shot—

That oughta keep me out of trouble, eh?

Happy New Year, one and all!
See you on the needles next year.