future perfect, present passive

As a former language teacher, I have a rather geeky relationship with grammar.
I love the regal symmetry of it all, the relationships between verb constructions -
And sometimes even the names of grammar elements have a certain metaphorical 'oomph.'

To illustrate: my relationship with the Future Perfect tense.

"At some point, I will have...
a) finished that sweater;
b) launched that pattern line;
c) come out from under that crushing deadline."

There's been all this talk about what I will be about to be knitting
(say, for the Olympics in a few months), but little to no blog content about what I am actually-right-now-this-very-moment knitting.
(That's the present progressive tense, for those of you keeping track.)

So, I present for your consideration
What I AM knitting:

One Koolhaas Hat.
(You saw it yesterday, but I'll reiterate.)
Yarn: Berocco Inca Gold, in a lovely shade of British Racing Green.
Plus, I cast on with some leftover yarn in a great, deep turquoise – I think it's Rowan Wool Cotton.
Needles: US 6 (4.0mm) Inox metal, 16"

Having ripped back three (count 'em, three!) times, I think I'm now underway on this sucker, and have just one more repeat or more to do before the crown shaping.

(Good thing, too, 'cuz it's a holiday present for someone.) (Who shall remain nameless.)

And there are some more UFOs that are just for fun (gifts, sweaters for me, etc), but the bulk of my time and knitting hours have been spent on these babies:

Meet The Rockettes, here posed as a barbershop quartet.

I'm deep in the throes of knitting samples for my very-first-ever trade show booth, to go to TNNA (The National Needle Arts) in Long Beach in January. I'm doing an Unpattern booth there for the very first time, and the Rockettes are the stars of the show. There are 8 gals in all, which is making my studio feel like a doctor's waiting room.

So far, I have 4 samples complete, as you can see on The Gals above.
We have (from left to right): a Bottom-Up Sleeveless Pullover with a ruffled neckline (in Sublime Soya Cotton, a yarn I thought I'd fight and ended up loving); a Top-Down Raglan Pullover (in good ol' Cascade 220); a Top-Down Set-In Sleeve Pullover (in Rowan Cocoon, in tweed stitch. Cozy personified); and the Top-Down Sleeveless Pullover you met earlier (in Broken Rib, out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece).

All that progress was made by the time I left for Victoria last month; and now I've officially spent AN ENTIRE MONTH on ONE sweater. It's going to be lovely, I know it is, but they call the past tense that goes on and on and on the 'Imperfect' for a reason.

I don't know why I've been knitting on this sweater so long. And yes, I realize that 'long' is a relative term... For many of us, we're lucky to get a sweater done in three or four months. But folks, didja look at the calendar lately? As Boyhood says, "Dates in this calendar may be closer than they appear"; and January's breathing down our necks already.

I have FOUR sweaters to go, which means a sweater a week (I can handle that) in December. So, Little Mister Classic Elite Soft Linen Bottom-Up Drop-Shoulder Turtleneck Pullover?
Yer days are numbered.