Fun with The Kid

Still more fun was had, a week or so later…

BrooklynTweed, a.k.a. Jared Flood, a.k.a. The Kid, rolled his show into town, and the knitters of Bainbridge were chuffed!

[That's the Man Himself, supervising progress on our Koolhaas Hats with his kind and competent air.]

This was the first visiting-teacher workshop I've taken from Churchmouse (ironic, considering how involved I am in scheduling all of them!), and I must say I was wickedly impressed with how classy an operation it is. (No surprises there, considering that Churchmouse makes everything they touch come out classy, but still.)

Note the great spread of home-baked goodies on the groaning sideboard at left. And the venue is just gorgeous, with a view down onto the masts of Eagle Harbor and out to the ferry.

We were having so much fun, in fact, that the locals got a little curious as to what we were up to:


Dude: if you want help cabling without a cable needle, you're gonna have to sign up for the class in advance, okay?


Rocky up there might have made better progress on his Koolhaas Hat than I did by the end of the weekend, though … apparently I was having too much fun to keep track of how my cables were twisting, and I had to keep ripping back to fix a zig where I should have zagged.

What fun, though, to sit back and be taught by a talented designer and teacher (and all around nice guy).

Talent, good looks, and recognition from our industry... I wish I could hate the pipsqueak, but I can't.
Thanks, Jared, for a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing you out here again sometime soon!