blame it on the monkeys

No, not the ones on my back, but the ones in the barrel. The ones that life sometimes gets to be more fun than...?

It is really sad when life throws so many fun events your way, in such rapid succession, that you can't find the time to blog about the fun events that life has thrown you.

So, in order to get you all up to speed and appropriately envious...

The junket to Victoria, already documented here, was just the beginning.

Then there were a few days at home. Just enough time to dig out from underneath the pile of e-mails and administrative stuff that had piled up in my absence. Then it was off to another retreat, this one right in my hometown!

Fred the Buddha supervises the view from my little monastic cell.

It was quite a hoot to rent a room and sleep over less than a mile from my house. But in past years, I've always dropped in on this event as a day-tripper, and felt torn between home and the action. This time, I could just hang out and not worry that I was missing any of the action!

[The main hang-out room was only ever this quiet at 6 a.m.]:

It was such fun to play tourist in my own little town.
There were dewy morning walks through the forest:

And then popping out for a postcard view:

The spinners at the retreat offered their wise and kind advice, and with a little extra time on my new wheel, I got another great 2-ply skein of handspun complete! I'm in love with this colorway.

[When I got home, it got a bath.]

I can't decide what to knit out of these precious few yards. Any of you handspinners out there have any great patterns for a scarf or cowl out of variegated 2-ply?

In the meantime, I think I'll just wear it around like this: