wait for it...
Drumroll, please...


Girl's side, empty:
and filled:

Boy's side, empty:

and filled:

It's amazing what we walloped in here. I mean, take a look at those 'before' shots … ALL that fits in here, and there's room to actually step inside and make fashionable selections!

Plus, don't forget all that wasted space … look UP!

Who needs a linen closet with this much space available?
[Of course, you know me well enough to know that the 'off-season' sheets (i.e. percale ones in winter, flannels in summer) are on the higher shelf. To be rotated down to the lower shelf for better availability twice yearly: Rhody Weekend and Kinetic Skulpture Weekend. (Always better harbingers of changes of season here in PT than the more urbane Memorial Day and Labor Day.)

New closets even make folding laundry more fun! Gotta run -- gotta throw in another load!