Who cares if the calendar says January?
It's spring cleaning time at studio akabini!

I was in part inspired by Clara Parkes' great essay on "Slow Stashing" over at Knitter's Review (go ahead – go read it; I'll wait.) And in part this is just a natural continuation of the great organizing and general life overhaul I accomplished in December.

With my 2009 work and knitting goals right there in front of me, the stash was the next natural victim of the Great Organizational Putsch of Winter '08-'09. It is now sorted (ooh... sorting. How I love sorting.) by project rather than color. Kind of sad, in a way, not to have the great wall o' color to look at as I come down the hall from the bedroom in the morning... But now I have all the sweater projects-worth in individual large bags, with the yarn that can be used for my NaKniSweMoDo projects each in their own individual bins.

Today, the leftover stash got the full treatment:

[Lovely rectangular storage baskets brought to you by Ikea; sized to fit exactly in the yarn cubbies. Squeee!] These had been crammed full of leftover bitlets and orphaned single skeins – in theory usable, but in practice just space filler (and m*th attractants). I got ruthless and pitched all the little bitlets. Any other skeins with ball bands that just weren't part of my lifestyle, or weren't "soul-stirring" (as Tim Gunn would say) got put in a pile to send to A New Yarn in Seattle.

It's an interesting exercise: a little journey back through my knitting career. I hit the Chenille Era somewhere in the Blue Bin, and someone PLEASE tell me just WHO exactly bought all these ribbon yarns?

Ribbon, chenille, eyelash – oh my!

The other impetus to sort and purge is my upcoming Linen Stitch workshop at Stitches West in Santa Clara, CA. They don't know it yet, but my little weasels will be the happy recipients of these ready-made kits of coordinated yarns for my Luscious Lengthwise Linen-Stitch Scarf. Hope I have enough kits to go around!

These are so much fun to put together – I recommend the exercise! 75 yards (or so) of at least 3 coordinating yarns: one fluffy, one shiny or ribbony, and at least one variegated. Go play!