Sundays are for goofing off.

A clean worktop,
a sunny day,
a skein acrylic (!?!),
a glass of wine,
and a crochet hook.


Want proof? Here's the closeup:

Project: Crocheted Beanie (a Churchmouse shop pattern, designed by the world-famous Mary Guterson)
Yarn: Berocco Comfort Worsted (no animal fiber anywhere in this skein! Nowhere!)*

For some unknown reason, I feel compelled to teach myself crochet this year.
We have a definite gap in the course offerings since we lost our friend and co-worker, Pam, last year (and since the magnificent Carol, our lady of the skirts, went back to her highfalutin' day job). So I'm thinkin' I'd like to give it a go. But first, I gotta know how to crochet my way out of a paper bag.

My mom's a whiz... if all else fails, I'll go travel 900 miles and ask her.

* Oh, don't panic... I'm still the same fiber snob I used to be. That's a skein of ArtYarns Cashmere5 in the bin, destined for this if the first beanie comes out at all.