the days go whizzing by

It's been three days?

It's only been three days?

The good thing is, you have to live life in order to blog about life…
the only bad thing is, when you have a packed agenda, it's harder to find time to blog.

We're in Owen Sound, Ontario at the moment, listening to the sound of the rain on Lake Huron, resting our eyes after our own personal fashion show from Maie and Taiu and Kersti of Koigu

and I'm running out of superlatives for this trip.

Everyone has been so incredibly friendly, and welcoming (remind me to tell you about the couple who fully spent 20 minutes giving us restaurant recommendation after recommendation for places to eat in Toronto…) (oh, and the Downtown Knit Collective of Toronto who put on a show-and-tell and lecture series that included published designers and grant winners and a trunk show) (not to mention Maie and Taiu's two-woman comedy act with yarn this evening).

Many photos and more detailed entries to come–
Just wanted to let y'all know that we're still here, just replete.

Oh, and I bought some yarn.