backlogs and blockage

okay, perhaps it's time to admit that my imagined long and fertile posts about the (amazing) (stupendous) (fabulous) Vogue Tour of Canada are not going to happen just yet.

… and that not having posted about what happened 2 weeks ago should not keep me from posting anything now, at all, until I get those photos uploaded and prose composed.

So, in the interest of staying current and relevant,
I am happy? terrified? to announce:

I'll be in Bellingham, running along the waters of my new-native Puget Sound,
trying to be okay with the fact that I can't possibly run it as fast as Nurse K. ran her 'Half' a few weeks ago…

She did it in 2:01.
I'm aiming for 2:30.

And that's okay.
Wish me luck! Think of me! Come and hand me Hammer Gel!

Boy is bringing the camera, for some amusing Before & After shots.

Alas, I don't have an "I'd Rather Be Knitting" T-shirt to wear;
But I do have the official Townsend Builders Race Team shirt:
on the back, it says "Chicks Love Our Studs."