change of seasons

For the record,

Fall this year arrived on Tuesday, August 26, at 7:25 p.m.

I can report this with authority because I was outside to witness it:
Under the pergola chez Threadingwater, the Righteous Knitters of Milwaukee had gathered for their annual convivium…

and we had to go INSIDE to eat dinner because it was too breezy and cool.

Indoor dining, in Milwaukee … in August?

Remaining days this week have provided more evidence:
• on my long run with Nurse K, noticed the first leaves turning on some Vine Maples;
• the aster in my yard is blooming in peak fury;
• and walkies with Loki this morning required a light turtleneck sweater and socks.

So long, flip flops and tank tops of summer…
Hello, shorts-and-sweater weather! (My favorite.)