one year in

It's awfully nice of the web hosting companies to provide a built-in reminder:
when you get the bill for renewal, you know it's your…


And what better way to celebrate than…


with a fabulous knitting and blogging friend, who might never have crossed paths with you had it not been for the internet in general, and certain blogs in particular?

I spent a lovely few days chez Threadingwater, and thanks to some clever thinking on her part, we got to play hooky and do an overnight junket to Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's home in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

The setting is glorious, the architecture visionary. Almost makes it possible to overlook what a crank FLlW himself was.
[Note to Frank: I don't care what a genius you think you are or prove to be. You still gotta pay your bills.]

Could not have asked for better weather, or better company:

And on the way home, there was corn in a roadside help-yourself-put-your-cash-in-the-box stand!
Farm fresh corn: it don't get much more Midwestern than that. Made me swoon and wax rhapsodic about my Iowa days.

And as if that weren't enough fun, we capped off my blogiversary and my stay there with a knitters' gathering and a glorious late-summer dinner with garden fresh tomatoes and green beans. Greatest Husband himself mastered the grill and slapped down a wicked turkeyburger. Thanks, GH!

It's really not possible for me to tally up all the great ways in which my life has been expanding in this last year… but I'm so grateful for all of you for being willing to peek in and see what I'm up to. I just realized a few weeks ago that blogging is much more relaxing and fun if I just accept that I'm a once-a-week poster. It takes the pressure off just a little and leaves more room for fun.

I maintain the right to post more often, of course, as inspiration strikes … as it might when I head out next Friday for the Vogue Knitting Tour of Canada! Toronto, Ottawa, and Points East (okay, Quebec City). I'm taking the laptop and the camera along, so I hope to get some daily (or near-daily) posts in, to keep Boyhood and Dad and the rest of my loyal reading public up to date on the goings-on. Yarn dyeing at Shelridge Farms! a visit to Koigu! a lecture from Fiona Ellis! beer with Fiona Ellis! late-night caroling at the Harlot's house! … erm, okay. Maybe not. Stephanie needs her sleep.

One year in…
Wonder what the next one will bring?
Let's see!

Thanks, everyone… especially my loyal commenters: KarenJo, KarenF, ThreadingWater, Renee, Sonya, … oh, heck, all of you!