the next level

It's happening…

I think we're headed for the next level, running and I.
Viz my recent aquisitions:
• a "hydration belt" (to stay hydrated during the SECOND HOUR of my runs!)
• several packets of "Hammer Gel" (ditto, for glycogen levels during same)
• the second pair of shoes (having put multiple-hundreds of miles on my last pair!)

All this, plus the package, containing running shoes and clothes and watch, which I am sending to myself at Casa Threadingwater so that I can train while I visit her next week. Sending gear ahead? Very next level.

All that, and multiple training books, speedwork workouts … my goodness, it's getting serious around here.

Which got me to thinking:
What does that "next level" look like for knitters?

When does the casual scarf knitter get the itch to go deeper? What kicks it off?

Is it the first time you buy a second set of needles in that size, so you can have multiple projects going?
Is it the first stash aquisition – getting yarn for a project you can't be starting in the immediate future?
Is it the first non-reference, glossy-page book?
Or is it the first retreat you go to, the first conference class you sign up for?

Gentle knitters – when did you go to the next level?