Olympics, Day Two

St. Brigid, fresh from her stint in training camp (a.k.a. storage case), is ready for action:




(Just set in place there – but that's where it shall be sewn on. Soon.)

Yesterday evening's Knitting Olympics was a nail-biter, though (on a par with the American Gymnastics team's injury-prompted pressure in the floor exercises).

Dropped stitch!
Forgotten increases!
Cables twisted the wrong way!

The evening started out with a 3-row rip-out penalty, right out of the gate.

But once we got into a rhythm, there was no stopping us–

At least until The Shrub came on the Tee-Vee.
Then an almighty brawl broke out on my mom's couch to see which of us could get to the remote control the fastest to shut the b&*(@)$#d up.

[Boy then suggested that as a good energy policy: if everyone runs to shut off their televison every time he comes on, won't that cause a drop in demand in the grid?)