Olympics, Day One

Opening ceremonies for the Summer 2008 Olympic Games were on Friday night, but at 8:08 pm local time, I was at a very special gathering with friends and ... couldn't start knitting.

So I made up for it yesterday by working for several quiet hours on St. Brigid, by Alice Starmore... the project I started ... two years ago. ... During the Winter Olympics.


Well, at least it's nice to know that life has some continuity to it, and that the roof won't fall in just because I didn't finish a project in a timely manner. (Taking your knitting seriously is one thing – entertaining thoughts like the one above is just self-flagellation.)


When I last left St. Brigid, she had a back and a front – in fact,  I got those two pieces almost finished during the original Olympics. Not bad for 2+ weeks, really!
But then there were some emotional speed bumps: like the realization that I needed to make both pieces longer by one cable repeat (21 rows), so having to take out all the neckline shaping on the front only for the privilege of adding more knitting onto it.

And then came the sleeves, which for some unknown reason just hadn't appealed. It wasn't the "go-to" knitting project to take with me to social events, or road trips, or nuthin'. I guess she was just waiting for this Olympic venue to get her mojo back.

Sleeves, ahoy!
Here's what she looked like a little while ago:

That's two repeats of the large cable motifs: when I pulled her out of the bin yesterday, I had completed 3 (of 5) motifs, and was into the 4th. Yesterday's push got me through the 4th repeat and into the 5th, so we shall see what today may bring!

These are saddle-shoulder sleeves, so there's a little strip that comes off the top of the center of the sleeve to travel across the shoulder when it's sewn up.

Photo coverage of the action in tomorrow's broadcast!