sunny boy

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

While I've been swanning about, trolling for yarn and getting spa facials, Boy has been slaving away, getting our baby ready for her big début!

Remember what our poor sad house looked like before Boy got his mitts on her?


Oh, yeah: this takes me right back. The cr*ppy windows, with their failed seals so the condensation trapped inside on hot days? The complete lack of eaves, so the summer sun streamed in and steamed us in our own juices in the summer? The chimney to the fireplace we couldn't use, because the mortar between the bricks had failed and any spark could set the attic on fire? Mmm, mmm, mmm. Yep. Can't say any of those are missed.

So how's the old girl doing now? Now that Boy has been slaving away for weeks and months on every single surface of the exterior?



New windows? Check.
Window trim and skirt boards? Check.
Eaves? Check. Gutters? Check. New 20-year 40-year roofing? Check.

And Boy's pride and joy? The 3-Kilowatt photovoltaic array for solar power!
She got hooked up to the grid this week … and none too soon, for our beauty will be on the Solar Homes Tour of Jefferson County!

But it's not just about solar power… don't order yet, there's more!


 Pipe organ?
Waterslide for seagulls?

It's solar hot water!
We've been cookin' without gas, showering for free, for the last few months, thanks to Boy and his bud, Dr. B. They designed the system, they installed it (sweating pipe! soldering! wrenching!), and it works a treat.
We've been very smug and happy, showering in the afternoon with water heated by the sun.

So here's a big shout out to Himself to say THANK YOU for all your hard work over the last few months (psst: he even enjoyed tweezing the garden!). Bask in the compliments today during the tour–you deserve every single one of them.