maybe I'm dense, but...

Okay, so let me get this straight:

• Ford is declaring one of its worst quarters ever.
• America is already so laden with cars that vehicles now outnumber licensed drivers. (And I read somewhere that if they were all to hit the road at the same time, they wouldn't all fit on the roads). (Seriously.)

And at the same time,

We have some of the cheapest postage in the world.
(Which means we can get bombarded with 41 POUNDS of junk mail each year, none of which we want, but which gets sent out at the expense of trees and fossil fuels and ... don't get me started. Do something about it here.)
• The Postal Service just upped postage by A PENNY. A flippin' PENNY. We're all scrambling to the Post Office to get those ONE PENNY stamps, or another roll of 42-cent-ers … cumulatively, the worker time it's taken is not inconsiderable. Really.
• Postal Service delivery vehicles drive the same route, day after day, around town – how much mileage do you think they run in a day? Can't be more than 100 miles, don'tcha think? And mostly on town roads, with speed limits of 25-35 mph.

Can you see where I'm going here?

Can you imagine the PR coup Ford would reap if it got on the stick and could announce in a few months that it's working with the Postal Service to phase in PLUG-IN ELECTRIC MAIL DELIVERY VEHICLES to replace their fleet of gas-using trucks? (Just found the statistic: the Postal Service operates a fleet of 212,000 vans and trucks, including big semis, to be sure but...)

Henry would be proud, I think.
Pardon me while I send them a memo.