friends, whizzing in and out

So, in the space of one day,

• we have a wild, loud, girls' lunch at a local eatery celebrating our friend MB, she of the Best Rack Soon to Be East of the Rockies, and also my launch into summer (away from weekly Circles at Churchmouse, alas)...


• I have a great cell phone conversation with BG, she of the Best Rebirth in Her Forties Ever...

and I realize:
I have both of these (all of these, if you count all the gals around the wild lunch table today) girlfriends because of?

Chalk that up to the power of knitting - to create bonds of friendship that really do transcend time and place.
BG has been here, then gone to other parts – further south and more Red than here – only to relocate to a great place. And thanks to BG, there's threadingwater, and and and...

MB is off to another adventure, but I didn't bust out into tears today because I know that she'll be back, in part to check on her 'baby' in college, but also to check in at Churchmouse and pick up more projects... and to have a girls' night with me and KarenJo and Mickey and all those other great knitting buddies.

So as I celebrate the coming of summer, and my version of summer vacation (which somehow, weirdly, includes mileage and roadwork and fartleks?), I'm grateful for the power of knitting to hold us all together, even as we swirl apart to enjoy our own separate stuff.

Thanks, crew.
See you soon.