Wow- sorry for the long break between posts. But you see, there's this vortex thing happening around here?

Found out on Friday that our home phone line had been D-E-D dead for a few days...
and discovered it just in time to NOT be able to call the phone company during office hours.

In the meantime, our wi-fi had been acting up: I'd be able to surf one, maybe two pages, and then WHAM -- "page will not load." I wouldn't be able to send e-mails at all; I'd save drafts in my outbox, and then suddenly, okay... one would go through.... and then nothing.

So today Boyhood got his jiggy on and did a hard boot of the Airport hub and caused it to reconfigure itself (or something), and •poof• we're surfing with gas again...

Except now, my cordless mouse isn't working.

Oh, and the phone line is still down.

The peace and quiet is welcome... lets a girl get some knitting done!
Snaps tomorrow, I promise.