happy KIP day!

It's Knit In Public (K.I.P.) Day!

Go forth and knit amongst the uninitiated.
Knit in visible places: the bus, the bar, the game, the park, the opera, the restaurant…
Show those non-knitters that we can knit and pay attention at the same time!

We've got an easy in this year: we're knitting amongst a 'public' of other knitters here at the Acorn Street Retreat.
Roommate Kath and I have called it "Knitting Camp" for years–
it really is like a grown-up version of camp.

(Well, with more liquor, but hey.)

And what does a girl pack to knit at camp? Well... 

One of my goals this summer is to finish my Olympic Knitting project - the one I cast on during the Winter Olympics back in... oh ... 2006? – before the torch is extinguished in the Summer Olympics of 2008.

Pattern: "St. Brigid," by Alice Starmore, from her book Aran Knitting.
Yarn: Jamieson's Shetland Heather, color #998 ("Hairst")
Needles: US 4 (3.5mm) Suzanne's Ebony 24" circulars.

I've had the back and the front and the braided collar finished for quite a while now. There was a speed bump that held up the knitting a year back when I realized that I'd be much happier with the thing longer rather than shorter (it's an oversized beast, so having it cropped was not going to flatter). So I manfully ripped out the front neckline shaping (a bear to do in the first place, what with all the cabled patterns going on), add another repeat to both front and back, and re-knit the front neckline. Phew.

That was so exhausting, I had to go have a little lie-down for about 7 months or so.

Then last fall, when I came up here to Sleeping Lady with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Needles, I started the first sleeve – thanks to the encouragement of M., who will also be my partner in crime on the Vogue Knitting Tour in Canada this fall. Knit a few rows (like, 5), and put it down again.

So I set myself the assignment of working on it every morning while I'm here, just to see if I can get my mojo back with it. And see? 2 repeats out of the 5 I need for the sleeve: finished before lunch on the first day!


But St. Brigid (patron saint of milkmaids, btw) is a stern taskmistress: one wrong move and you've zigged a cable where you should have zagged. Come the afternoon, when you might want to relax and take a load off with the girls, she's a little tougher to work on. So...

Enter the A.F.P.: Afternoon-Friendly Project.*
What makes for a good AFP? Anything you consider mindless: stockinette, of course; anything that only involves a periodic engagement of the brain cells. And this project BEGGED to come along to Camp (even though I had no excuse to start it; I have other deadlines, and this is for me, and from someone else's pattern and my sakes, isn't it pretty and just in time for summer and I'm driving so I have room to bring it...):


Pattern: "No Purling Allowed," from LanaKnits/Hemp for Knitting.
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold "Hempathy," in 2 colors: 09 and 10 (a Dijon-mustardy-yellow, and a bluey-lavender)
Needles: US 2.5 (3.0mm) Suzanne's Rosewood 32" circulars (DPNs for the sleeve); and US 2 (2.75mm) for the edging.

Even I can change colors every 4 rounds, thankyouverymuch. (Sometimes I do forget to slip the first stitch of the 2nd round of a color stripe to avoid the color jog in stripes, but hey - no one's perfect, right?)

It was a sleevy sort of day yesterday. Brigid's sleeve marches on, but this afternoon will bring lots of circular knitting on 288 stitches for the body of the AFP.

Happy KIP day, everyone! Enjoy the smiles and nods of recognition you get from lurking knitters, and understanding non-knitters, everywhere.

* It should suprise no one that A.F.P. can also mean Alcohol-Friendly Project. There's nothing worse than getting in over your head with a complicated project at the pub. Hell, I've found myself frogging sock heels over that second beer.