bring on another decade

When I turned 30, I:

• had just moved to this small town
• had more long-distance friends than local ones
• was happy when I knew one face while running errands around town
• was working on a book, but struggling with it
• read the KnitList every day, but didn't prowl the local yarn store
• had just bought my first house, but hadn't a clue how to tackle my 1/4-acre garden.

Ten years later, I:

•  can't run errands in a timely fashion because I run into too many people that I know and love each place I stop
• still have many of those great long-distance friends
• have true-blue, wish-I-could-see-them-more-often friends in the knitting world both locally and abroad
• have made over virtually every surface in this house, and built a lovely addition which houses a dear friend of ours
• have lost 30 pounds and kept them off
• run a triathalon (albeit a short one)
• started my pattern business and in the process, discovered my dream job
• have married the most fabulous man there ever was – in an ensemble entirely hand-knit by yours truly
• adopted the Best Dog Ever
• can run 4 miles!
• and here is the garden now (in no small part thanks to Mom's herculean efforts before the wedding):




If you're reading this, you've been a part of this magnificent last decade-
Thank you for making it so great.

And now, there shall be cake!