knitters save the world, quietly

Ask any knitter what their idea of a perfect day would be,
and you'll get variations on a theme:

Sitting, knitting, working on a project.
Perhaps finishing something, perhaps starting something new.
A fire or a sunny porch, a comfortable chair in front of same.
Perhaps a warming or cooling (or intoxicating?) beverage.
Alone or with a good friend, some loved ones.
Perhaps a cat on the lap or a dog by the feet.
Peace and quiet,
or perhaps a great socking audiobook, or that great album from college days...

And that's all.


No frenzied travel involving fossil fuels;
No mall-hopping or outlet centers;
No tight-leg pants or stilettos required.

So here's the first way that knitting will save the world: just a couple million people whose idea of a perfect day is one spent sitting. Creating, not consuming.

[Now, if I could only figure out a way to get coffee -from Sumatra - and tea leaves - ditto? - delivered to me without a carbon footprint, I'd be set.]

I'm having that kind of day today.
Hope you are, too.