roadside philosophy

Even a "short" 35-minute training run leaves a girl plenty of time to philosophize...

Running is NOT like knitting:

• Process definitely outweighs product - unless you count the race T-shirts.

Running is like knitting:
• Neither mix well with alcohol.

Running is NOT like knitting:
• I will never, ever, have to rip out my mileage...
even if last night's gin did put me off my game a bit.

Running is NOT like knitting:
• I cannot ever imagine myself saying:
"Gee, I wish I had more time to run!"

Running is like knitting:
• it's best not to bite off too big of a goal from the get-go. My training program has me doing time goals at first, not mileage. Just like I wouldn't start a beginning knitter on a cabled sweater as their first project, for fear they'd give up fresh out of the gate.

Which leads to the sobering thought: Dudes, I'm running scarves.

Today's stats (à la Bridget Jones):
Weight: 164
[And the knowledge that I will be posting that on the *#^&%ing INTERNET is enough incentive to skip the doughnuts. Clearly.]

3.09 (oh yeah, that .09 is crucial. I earned it, baby.)
Last night's G&Ts: 3 (oy.) (Never again the night before a run.)

Today's knits:
worked a few rows on the Little Linen-Stitch Purse I'm finishing up for Churchmouse's bag show in June; swatched for a birthday surprise project; and blocked some secret design content.