warning signs of midlife

You know, the whole 40 thing is not such a big deal-
life is just as sweet this week as it was last.

But some things just creep up on a gal,
and when they do?
You know you're in midlife when...

  • mutual funds are interesting.
  • you know what a mutual fund is.
  • your child/stepchild and your parents are both sprightly and independent (lucky one, that!)
  • you've used the word 'amortization' with a straight face.
  • you keep up with mortgage rates - just in case you might want to re-fi.
  • you heart thrills when someone calls you 'Miss...'
  • your friends' children start to knit.
  • you seriously consider taking glucosamine - you know, for those joints that ache. Sometimes.
  • 'Massage' (or 'Therapy') is a line item in your monthly budget.
  • you're on your third car as a grown-up.

And oh, there are so many more...
Feel free to chime in in the comments.

[And yes, I know how spectacularly lucky I am with the whole parent/stepchild thing. Trust me. They're fabulous, and doing fine.]