what sunday looks like

Boyhood has been engrossed in the installation of our solar hot water system this weekend with his friend and best man, Dr. B., so a girl has been left to her own devices in the house.

So what will a knitter get up to with no one to answer to?



 Yup, that's the beginning of the packing for next weekend's birthday road trip.
Oh, don't look like that: I KNOW you pack your knitting first! [Only 3 projects so far.]
[Wonder how long that's gonna last.]

Clearly, kitchen maintenance has not been a priority:

And Sunday Startitis has hit, hard:

I woke up thinking about this project.
Out of bloody nowhere.
The yarn? Has languished in my stash for YEARS. [And it wasn't even one of the last few I photographed and uploaded into Ravelry yesterday...]
It lived there, looking uninteresting next to all the luscious silks and cashmere blends.
Just a nice, hardy, trustworthy wool-blend sock yarn I've used dozens of times.
(I had even worn out the socks I knit from the first 2 skeins in this colorway I bought over a decade ago.)

Then last night: WHAM.

  • Pattern: a waist-down skirt in Linen Stitch (based on schematics and spreadsheets from Carol L's "Skirt Design" workshop at Churchmouse Yarns & Teas – hurry: there are still spots left in her June session! Call the shop for details.)
  • Yarn: Regia 4-ply Color, in colorway 1903 (a purply-blue-and-brown blend that's far more interesting than I'm making it sound here). Used DOUBLED throughout.
  • Needles: Lots of 'em, made easy thanks to my fantastic Denise interchangeable needle set, starting with size 8s below the waistband and changing to larger needles after the first 10" of knitting to create a flare without changing the # of sts.
  • Details: provisional cast-on at the waist. Casting on 247 stitches - an odd # so as to offset the Linen Stitch automatically as I work in the round. Size US 8 needles for the first 9-10", then changing to 9s for 2", 10s for another 2", and so on until I get to around 19" of length. Perhaps a crocheted edge for a bind-off; not sure yet.
    Last thing, I'll remove the waste yarn of the provisional cast-on and work the (folded) waistband in stockinette on much smaller needles - probably US 4s.

Lovely day all around.
Wonder what's for dinner?