'tis the season

… for  birthdays, that is.

We're a little light on knitting pr0n around here these days, because I have 2 great friends and 2 relatives with birthdays around this time, and everything I could blog about is gift-related and will have to wait for entries until the blog won't be a spoiler.

And then there's my birthday, too!
Pity my poor fella, who knows just how important my birthday is to me, and what the stakes are*...

I'm afraid I never got over the childish feeling that one's birthday ought to be a National Holiday, with everyone taking the day off work, and a parade, and ice cream and cake for everyone.

So every year at the end of April, I expect everyone to be making special plans
for May 6!
Not just because it's the day after Cinco de Mayo – even this far from the Mexican border, we like to celebrate the Revolution with fish tacos and margaritas – but because it's the perfect segue into My Birthday.

This year, we've got a big milestone to celebrate: the beginning of the next Best Decade Ever.

Boyhood's got it right in one already:


Thanks, love.
You're the best!

* There's the legend of the boyfriend whom I broke up with after he spaced out my birthday – 4 YEARS into the relationship… as cute as he was, that was somehow the last straw. (Like I said, I figure it should be a national holiday!)