best. idea. ever.

After a weekend of teaching, and after a rigorous few days preparing for a speaking event, what more could a girl ask for than...

a day at a day spa?

Okay, so you have to all promise me that if I say I'm going again, you won't all come at once at the same time on the same day and all want to lie in the Sand Room with me, because ma hunnies-
that's my favorite place on earth.

That was one place where
a) I didn't need to be knitting;
b) I didn't need my honey right by my side;
c) I didn't need a glass of wine or an espresso or nuttin'.

Just me and a sand floor covered in a canvas sheet and 150º F and the sound of waves.

Threadingwater? they have one in ... Tacoma, baby. There's a whole entire day with "Madrona" written on it, honey – and if that don't rank up there with the Napa mud bath, I'll be a sock monkey's auntie.