a grand haul

Lest I leave you hanging, wondering what tempted me at A Grand Yarn in Spokane...

I give you my Grand Haul:

1499159-1494702-thumbnail.jpg1. Dream in Color "Smooshy" (because I love saying "Smooshy")
Colorway: November Muse

Because everyone needs socks the color of
rich, crumbly compost.
(Or a good chocolate pot de crème.)


2. ShibuiKnits "Sock" (evocative, that)
Colorways: 4201 (pink with acid green)
and 51301 (neon jewel tones)

Destined to become a Churchmouse Ruffled Scarf, just as soon as I can stomach the thought of casting on 600+ stitches.

1499159-1494704-thumbnail.jpg3. Flax and linen:
Claudia Hand Paints 100% sport-weight linen
Colorway: "Walk in the Woods" (that's what I'm talkin' about)
Louet Euroflax Light/Worsted Weight linen
Colorway: "Moss Lake"

For a linen-stitch bucket bag: picture a circular crocheted base, with linen stitch in alternating rounds of handpaint and solid, with one long shoulder strap. Pattern just as soon as I can whip this sucka out – and that's after I learn to crochet my way out of a paper bag. We may be some time.

1499159-1494705-thumbnail.jpg 4. Sweet little morsels of
Mountain Colors "Bearfoot"
Mill ends for $3 apiece at AGY.

Having gotten my students started on their Luscious Lengthwise Linen-Stitch Scarves, I fell down and in love with these little skeinlets.
Imagine size 10 needles and 260 stitches or so - and the same basic recipe from my Luscious Lengthwise pattern, changing skeins after each row and self-fringing with the ends. Race ya!

And, finally, the pièce de la résistance:1499159-1494706-thumbnail.jpg 

5. Sirdar Snuggly "Baby Bamboo"
Color:  132 (a delicate oyster-gray)
12 skeins

You know how the most recent purchase is always the thing that you just can't wait to cast on? Last week, it was "Tahoe" from a recent issue of Knitty - with yarn from my stash, no less! But now, I am smitten. The yarn, the luster, the color … this would have been the one that got away had I not leapt with open heart and open wallet.

What for, pray tell? Well, this:

"Vines Cardigan," Project #5 from Clara Parkes' wonderful wonderful new book, The Knitter's Book of Yarn.

The original pattern is knit from angora, but I'm betting my Addis that it will work up spectacularly in this sweet, slightly shiny bamboo.

I'm going to try to weasel the time soon to review this book, because I am enchanted. Not just because I got to meet Clara recently, and she's a mensch and a doll and a damn fine knitter and an even better writer … but because I haven't been so excited about a collection of patterns since Weekend Knitting.  It might well be easier for me to mark the projects I won't be knitting from this, just as soon as I find the time.

I'm trying very hard to be a very good girl and finish up 2 projects before I start this one – good thing I have a top-down pullover that just needs sleeves. Thems should roll right offa the needles, so I can tuck straight in to this one!

Here's a sign of the high regard in which I hold this book:
A girl needs to take a quiet moment to read up on her cellulosic vs. protein fibers.
(And yes, of course we always fold the TP into a point.)
(One gets used to special treatment while traveling.)