knitter on the road

Boyhood and I packed up the jalopy on Wednesday, stayed overnight with friends in Seattle last night, and today we're in...


The only other time I've set foot in Spokane, I ate a very, very, very tall sandwich.
My aunt (yes, the one who taught me how to knit!) took a picture.
That's how I remember.

We were on a cross-country odyssey from small-town Iowa to small-town Silicon Valley - an epic girl road trip if ever there was one.

Twelve years later, here I am, knitting for a living, and getting ready to teach 3 workshops to the eager knitters of Eastern Washintgon at the lovely A Grand Yarn.

(There's still room in tomorrow afternoon's "Cuff Craze" sock class! Call now to reserve your spot, chitlins!)

If you would do me the favor of imagining the rushing Spokane Falls, the trees on Snoqualmie Pass in the snow, and the rolling hills of late-winter Eastern Washington, that would be great, thanks. The camera was deep in the bowels of the way-back of the wagon.

[p.s. Obligatory Knitterly Content: Bound off the back of my Jo Sharp Crew Neck Pullover around the Columbia River this afternoon. Both sleeves (micro) all done already, so when I finish the front, that's it! Might even have that piece done when we get home. Depends on the drive on Sunday... we may take detours.]