so much to knit, but someplace to go

Please, PLEASE tell me I'm not the only wretch out there who's this possessed:

I must have 17 different UFOs, some with
actual business-related DEADLINES 'n' sh*t-

and yet I cannot figure out what to take with me to a girls' night out
with red wine and appetizers in half an hour.

Rioja and design do not mix;
so what's a girl to do?

It must happen to some of you:
the thing that you would otherwise be working on is just too fussy, or complicated,
requires too much brain space,
or takes up your whole lap and covers up your gorgeous ensemble…
So you stand in front of your pile of projects and haven't got a THING to knit.

Tell me, sisters – tell me I'm not the only one.

And here's another thing: What do those single-project knitters DO in a situation like this? I mean, working on one thing at a time is very noble and all, but … would you be forced to leave it at home and NOT KNIT for a few pleasant hours in delightful company?
I don't THINK so!