ideas, please

Hey, readers-

Casa akabini needs your help.

Dr. K and I are both celebrating a milestone birthday this year, and we thought it would be grand to celebrate it together, in style, for a week in between our birthdays (May and July).

So I'm asking y'all for your ideas:
If you had some money (but not a ton, mind you) to spend on a 7-day getaway with your best friend, and you were:
2 type A personalities who don't need to fill another week of their lives with agendas and busyness;
2 gals who think a great time can be had laying by a pool and reading magazines and knitting;
2 gals who could probably use a massage or a mud bath or spa treatment DAILY for that week, just to get caught up;
2 gals who really don't want to lay down a huge carbon footprint by flying to exotic locations (and exploiting the locals) …

Where would you go?
Threadingwater, I know you got neck-deep in mud in Calistoga a while ago - any recommendations?
We're even entertaining the notion of a cruise to Mexico, if that gives you any idea of the lengths to which we'll go to get some R&R.
Has anyone been someplace FABULOUS?