weekend tally

the weekend, in numbers:

Sweaters blocked: 2
Sweaters seamed: 1
Dog walks taken: 0
Trips to hardware store: 2
Trips to grocery store: 1
Pieces of siding hung: 4
Pieces of siding ripped off and re-hung: 3
Feet of trim painted with primer: 36
Feet of trim board hung: 20
Loads of laundry done: 2
Hot toddies made: 2
Inches of rain: 1.5
Hours of internet research performed on solar hot water heating: 18

24 throat lozenges;
6 fizzy tabs of cold/flu medication;
12 cans of fizzy water;
4 videos;
3 quarts homemade chicken soup;
12 Cadbury malted chocolate eggs.

An odd weekend, to be sure. Saturday was full of forward progress on the house, with partially sunny skies and even a little celebration down at the Mezzaluna with Mom afterwards. We were all set to finish up that one side of the house on Sunday, but then ... it rained. And rained. And rained some more.

So Boy focused on the inside of the house for a while, and we fixed some drywall where the roof had leaked before we re-did the roof, which meant pulling my desk away from the wall. I dove into the Pit of Despair, otherwise known as my back storage closet–which houses all my teaching samples and binders and handouts, as well as clothes in deep storage (and ready to go to Goodwill or consignment)... PLUS "The Gift Shoppe," land of wrapping paper and tissue paper and bits of ribbon. So while Himself was mudding and taping, I was sorting knitting bags and re-labeling binders in an orgy of organization. So much better now.

Unfortunately, the Crud seems to want to go condo in my chest (as indeed it did to Boy), so I'm trying not to cough up a lung today, and will soon lay low on the couch and try to show the Lotte Jacket who's boss. Sitting on the couch counts as work, if I have my laptop nearby to help me chart out those cables...