what it looks like around here

Here's what's happening at casa akabini these days...


Yup, it appears that I am not immune to the swirling plague of Crud that is zooming around the country these days. At least my version doesn't seem to be as nasty as Boyhood's – no cough, and I'm thinking hoping it won't stick around for three weeks.

I used to think that I was stoic in the face of illness, that I would just get very quiet when I felt puny. This, in contrast to Himself, who takes any health setback very badly. My friends bear out my theory that the fellas must have a much lower threshold for pain or discomfort... (If they could experience just one set of menstrual cramps, they'd be crying like babies.) Boyhood goes all grumpy like a bear, and tries to push through it and keeps working until he collapses on the couch, grumbling.

For moments like that, we have this box:


[Aspirin plus vitamin C.]
[Packaged in Germany.]
[We howled.]

This time, we've gotten the box out for me, too, because I'm not nearly as stoic as I thought I was.

… Despite the uncommonly good treatment I'm getting from Himself the last few days.
He's made this from scratch:


So I have homemade soup, a Boy to cater to my every whim (like getting installments of "The Tudors" from the local video store), a 70-lb. Elkhound playing lap dog (oof!) …

and I have my knitting.
Our tag line here is "better living through knitting," and this is a sterling example. The non-knitters among us are destined to lay on the couch and read or watch videos, passing the time slowly until they are on the mend.

Meanwhile, sick knitters get to GET STUFF DONE! (My favorite thing.)
I've been nailed to the couch for a day and a half, and so far I have:
• finished the missing Right Front of the blue Baby Cashmerino cardigan (re-knit from the third sleeve);
• worked a few inches on a sidways-knit skirt kit I got from Knitting Arts' booth at Stitches West;
• blocked my Mystery Design Content for Blue Moon;
• and begun a sleeve for some more Mystery Design Content (this one will be my first Knitty submission.)

There have been videos:
• "The Painted Veil," with Naomi Watts, Edward Norton, and my #3, Liev Schreiber…
• episodes of Agatha Christie's Poirot with David Suchet;
• geeky science 'dorkumentaries' (the "Science Odyssey" series from a few years ago);
and the aforementioned episodes of "The Tudors."

"The Painted Veil" was excellent proof of my theory that you can make yourself feel better by watching people who are worse off than you are. There's nothing like a little 1920's cholera epidemic in inland China to put your little dose of 'flu into perspective.

So knit on, sickies, and remember - while you're sniffling and coughing on the couch, you're still reaping the benefits of our lovely craft.
Who knows – I may need to play sick for a few days longer just to keep getting things done!
[How long do you think I can con the Boy into making great soup for me and waiting on me hand and foot?]