am I still out there?

Dudes, when bloglines dumps your own blog off the notification list,
you know you haven't posted in a while.

a) back from Stitches and a brief stay with Dr. K in CA. Very very glad I don't have to live (and drive!) there all the time. Back home, I can walk the dog down the middle of the street without even thinking about traffic.

b) Brought home an orange purse, turquoise panties, and brown yarn (Silk Straw from Alchemy - can't wait!).

c) Travel on the way home was fraught with nutty but harmless obstacles: everything from rescheduled appointments with exterminators that delayed my leaving for the aiport (but only for 5 minutes) to Mom getting my boarding pass when she checked in (instead of her own) (same last name. weird last name, albeit, but really. Security? Hello!), and culminating in ... our bags not coming off the carousel at baggage claim.
They arrived, delivered free to my front door, some 7 hours later. Nice service, really! No schlepping of four huge bags from airport to ferry to car.

That, and someone needed to tell the gal sitting next to me on the ferry that cocaine is SO passé. (Or someone should teach the gal to knit, and she'd beat the pants offa Lily Chin in the fastest-knitter contest.)

And what better way to celebrate my being home for longer than 36 hours at a stretch than...

Rearranging my office?
Snaps tomorrow - must go plug in the charger for the cordless drill so I can whip this Ikea furniture together.