what's wrong with this picture?


Those of you who have lived with me, albeit briefly,
quiver at the sight. ...

Yep. No coffee.

Paper cups galore (which I have sworn off anyway, so who cares?) stirrers and paper sleeves aplenty – but no actual coffee.

Here's where we take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of my wee french press, which went the way of all things in the bottom of my luggage. Not enough padding, apparently, to cushion the glass innards of that holster of joy...

So I'm left with the hotel coffeemaker to pump out brown caffeinated liquid into my vessel of choice:

Uck off, indeed.
Unless there's no coffee at all...
in which case you can all 'uck off,' because I ain't gettin' out of bed.

[Sigh.] [We've called the front desk and informed them of the emergency. The National Guard will soon be knocking at the door with packets of brown consciousness,
and life as we know it can resume its normal rounds.]

* Note to our Major National Hotel Chain: Kids, if you were offering a 'big pot' of 6 cups of coffee for any less than $10 (plus delivery fee, plus tip), this girl would jump. But as it stands? I'd rather go sleepy to class. And that's saying something.