i'm sorry - where am I?

The sleek furniture is blonde wood instead of brunette...
and the ultra-moderne accessories are a lighter shade of turquoise.
(Plus, there ain't no big stinkin' mountain out the window.)

Oh, and I just paid a different wi-fi provider. 

This must be the next gig!

Oh yes, and it's the Everest of the social knitting calendar: Stitches West. Seriously, dudes: if you've never been inside the hotel or the convention center during Stitches, you outta come down to Santa Clara just for an afternoon, and sit in the hotel lobby for a few hours and watch. If you're lucky, you'll see the amazed hotel staff - particularly wait staff in the hotel bar - work valiantly to reconcile their image of knittin' grannies with the stylish gals whipping up their Clapotis and ordering a second Belvedere martini with three olives, ... dirrrrty.

Having just arrived from an uneventful (and blissfully short) Alaska flight, Susanna and I moved in to our hotel room with the ruthless efficiency of a military operation. Clothes? Hung. Folded. Toiletries? Bathroom counter. Festooned. Class folders, samples, materials? Laid out on the floor in order of operation.

The (large) (heavy) (ohmygodheavywhatwerewethinking?) boxes were retrieved from my exquisite mother's house in Los Altos; a late-night foray to the Los Altos Safeway for provisions felt oddly familiar - like so many late-night-post-college forays to the very same Safeway all these years ago. Only after the recons. did the wine get cracked, the pyjamas get donned ...

And lo, now it's off to the trenches!