dear george,

How are you? I hope this finds you well, and gurgling, and enjoying your first sight of snow!

I'm writing because I have a favor to ask.
I know you're super-busy, working on holding your head up on your neck, gurgling, and taking on the challenge of focusing on faces, but if you can just spare a wee moment for your 'Auntie' Karen, I'd appreciate it.

It's about the growing.

I know, I know, all the other kids in your Mommy & Me group are doing it, but really - your parents aren't raising you to just go with flow, are they? They're talking to you about thinking for yourself, and making reasoned decisions and good choices in your life ... just as soon as you're off milk.

So here's the deal: if you'll just take a little break from the growing, just for a few months, I can whip out some more super-cute baby things for you! Just think: you'll be the envy of your Gymboree set in a dashing wrap-style jacket, or a top-down hoodie.

You see, the toddler-size knits? They just take longer to make, see. And that means I need more heads-up time before I start. I mean, at this rate, I'll have to start on socks for your high school graduation soon! Sheesh.

I'm sure your parents are with me on this - all that growing means more eating, and more milk for Mom to make - and more late nights and fussing. So I'm sure I speak for the entire extended family when I ask you to just slow down and appreciate where you are.

It's a good gig, after all: being ferried everywhere in a stroller so your feet needn't touch the ground; food at your beck and call; no credit card statements to reconcile...
Hang on to it while you can, honey.

Oh, and if you are indeed inheriting your father's size 13 feet? All bets are off for those socks, honey. Been there, done that.