... now that's better.

Once we could walk again (and drive a stickshift!), Nurse K and I spent the afternoon yesterday at Olympus Day Spa, which I hesitate to tell y'all about for fear you'll swarm the place and there won't be any room left in the hot tubs.

One vigorous Body Scrub and blissful Body Moisturizer later (olive oil! warm milk! honey! actual honey!), I feel like myself again. …
A smoother, more radiant version of myself, of course.

So now it's back to life without training.
I feel like I've found 6 hours a week! (Oh wait – I have!)

I'm saying goodbye to some old tools:

(Post-Its for my weekly running schedule.)

And Lord, am I happy to pack away the hydration belt! …

… so I can say hello to someone new!
Who's this?

Three guesses…
You'll have to wait till tomorrow.